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Kewpie Group Privacy Policy

We, Kewpie Corporation and its Group Companies in Japan, hereby declare that we have established this Privacy Policy concerning handling personal information and will comply with it and handle personal information safely and appropriately. ("Group Companies" means subsidiaries as defined in the Companies Act. Hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Kewpie Group". For major Kewpie Group Companies, please see:

If any Group Company has its privacy policy that conflicts with or contradicts this policy, the policy of the Group Company shall take precedence over this policy.

1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and other norms related to the protection of personal information

We, the Kewpie Group, comply with Japanese laws, regulations, and guidelines for protecting personal information.

2. Management and ongoing implementation of personal information

We, the Kewpie Group, shall establish a management system and handling methods, including storage methods, for the appropriate protection of personal information, appoint the person responsible for supervising personal information, and ensure that all executives, employees (including temporary and dispatched employees), and other related parties are fully aware of and comply with these policies.

3. Training of executives and employees

We, the Kewpie Group, shall regularly train its directors and employees on handling personal information and ensure the protection of personal information.

4. Information Security

We, the Kewpie Group, are committed to formulating and operating an information security policy and taking safety measures to prevent information leakage, falsification, and other risks.

5. Obtaining Personal Information

We, the Kewpie Group, shall acquire personal information through legal and fair methods. When we obtain such information, we will inform you in advance of its purpose and scope.

6. Use of Personal Information

We, the Kewpie Group, shall comply with the scope of the purposes previously notified or publicly announced for using personal information.

7. Provision of Personal Information

  1. (1)We, the Kewpie Group, shall not disclose or provide personal information to any third party without the individual's consent, except in cases where exceptions are permitted by law.
  2. (2)We, the Kewpie Group, may outsource handling personal information. In such cases, we shall thoroughly examine the management capabilities of the outsourced company, make arrangements regarding personal data, supervise the outsourced company, and ensure the safe management of personal information.
  3. (3)In cases where personal information is shared within the Kewpie Group, we shall ensure the safe management of personal data and take all necessary measures.

8. Responding to inquiries about the personal information

We, the Kewpie Group, shall respond appropriately and promptly to complaints, consultations, or other inquiries regarding personal information under our management. When we receive a request from a customer to notify, disclose, correct, or discontinue the purpose of the use or to discontinue the provision of personal information to a third party, we will take the necessary action following the prescribed procedures and under laws and regulations.

Last Updated: September 28,2022

Kewpie Corporation Privacy Policy for EEA and UK Residents

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