Raw Material & Procurement Quality

Good Products Begin with Good Ingredients

The Kewpie Group places great importance on the belief of Kewpie's founder, Toichiro Nakashima, that "Good Products Begin with Good Ingredients." We are thoroughly committed to the "Quality First" principle at all stages, from raw material procurement to production, packaging, sales, and safety evaluation.
Our fundamental approach is to take full responsibility for quality by directly involving ourselves and our Group companies in all business processes.
Our commitment to delivering quality products, which we have maintained since our founding, is the foundation of our business.

To Sourcing Good Ingredients

Our dedicated staff regularly visit suppliers to share our fundamental ideas about food production and join forces to make improvements.

In selecting new suppliers, we will communicate our thoughts and ideas on quality and confirm the manufacturing environment. We deal with trusted suppliers after confirming that they have taken steps to prevent the insertion of foreign matter into products and are capable of supplying good ingredients.

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