Contributing to Food Culture and Health

As a company in the food industry, an industry that is indispensable to people's lives, the Kewpie Group will contribute to the realization of healthy and affluent lifestyles.
As a "leading company for salads and eggs," we will develop products that consider the diets and health of all our customers in Japan and abroad and support the mental and physical health of children through various food-centered initiatives.
We also engage in social contribution activities to realize a better society, chiefly by maintaining our business, helping diverse groups, and maintaining strong community ties.

Sustainability Targets

Material Issues Initiative Theme Indicators FY2030 Target
Contributing to Food Culture and Health Contribution to Extending Healthy Life Expectancy
  • As a food partner for every person:
  • Contribute to achieving a vegetable intake target of 350 grams per day
  • Promote a boost in egg consumption in order to contribute to increasing protein intake
Mental and Physical Health Support for Children Number of children's smiles via our activities (cumulative since FY2019) At least 1 million
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