Production Process Quality

Strict Rules and Error Prevention Systems

To prevent contamination by foreign matter unwittingly carried in by employees, our factories have rules about changing into specific work clothes and predetermined procedures for entering work zones. They also have food defense systems to prevent malicious contamination. We use our own systems for ingredient mixing processes to prevent any possibility of mixing errors.

Malicious Contamination Prevention Policies

  • 1.Only authorized persons are permitted to enter production zones.
  • 2.Pranks are not permitted.
  • 3.Food safety can be proven after production.
  • +We value dialogue with employees

Mixing Error Prevention

We have developed our own mixing error prevention systems to assure quality and eliminate employee errors and uncertainties at our factories. These systems enable employees to cross-check and record ingredient types, volumes for use, expiry dates, etc. at every step of ingredients’ delivery, measurement, and mixing by scanning 2-D codes.

Moreover, record-keeping enables employees to specify the ingredients used in a particular product and other products using the same ingredients. These mixing error prevention systems form the basis of our traceability systems.

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