We are doing R&D activities for happier and healthier diet of the future of our customers around the world. Through various aspects of food, we would like to present and deliver importance of bond and love to our customers. This is based on our corporate message, "love around the kitchen table."
We have set our R&D targets as “Health of every person,” “Health of the earth,” and ”Creation of our future lifestyle” and will make our vision come true with our partners in the world always staying closer to our customers’ lives and the global environment.

Value creation with our core technologies

Value creation with our core technologies

Health of every person,Health of the earth,Creation of our future lifestyle

Partners in the world

Customers Suppliers Industry Academia

Strong materials ※Materials we do produce or utilize in our own plants

Fruit Vegetable Hyaluronic acid Egg Oil Vinegar

Our core technologies

Micro bacteria control Health nutrition evaluation Utilization of functional materials Egg science and application Pursuit of deliciousness Anti-oxidation Fermentation Emulsification

We will make our R&D VISION come true focusing on our targets, “Health of every person”, “Health of the earth” and “Creation of our future lifestyle” based on our own various core technology and strong materials we have obtained in our history and through collaboration with partners in the world.

Our approaches to future creation

To solve from customers’ difficulties to social issues, we are doing our R&D activities by creating new values through food innovation. We have set our R&D targets, “Health of every person”, “Health of the earth” and “Creation of our future lifestyle”

Health of every person

From babies to seniors, we will contribute to mental and physical health for every generation.

Health of the earth

We will appreciate the blessing of nature and maintain it, and contribute to children’s smile for future generation.

Creation of our future lifestyle

We will deliver new values to our customers for their happier lives with our R&D researchers’ imagination and creativity always looking to the future.

We would like to share our representative approaches to future creation.

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