Food Safety Assessment

Food Safety Assessment Initiatives

The Kewpie Group's Food Safety Science Center supports food safety based on scientific data.
To deliver safe and reliable products to our customers, we conduct physical and chemical analyses and microbiological testing of products and raw materials on a daily basis in cooperation with the quality assurance divisions in each plant. We also collect and evaluate information on food safety to reduce risk.

Physical and Chemical Assessment

Chemical Hazard Analysis

Regular tests for hazards such as agrochemical residues and veterinary drugs are carried out to confirm product and ingredient safety. We use the latest analytical equipment, including gas chromatography mass spectrometers and liquid chromatography mass spectrometers.

1. Ingredient extraction and preparation

2. Measurement using analytical equipment

3. Analysis of results

Food Allergen Testing

Baby foods and other products are regularly tested according to government-determined methods to confirm that they contain no specific raw ingredients (allergens) other than those displayed on product labels.

1. Dispensing samples

2. Measuring samples

Microbiological Assessment

Rather than using preservatives, we harness the power of salt and vinegar to ensure that our mayonnaise keeps well. Other products keep well because of heat sterilization. We assess what kind of microbes are present in ingredients and study safe ways of mixing ingredients and optimal temperatures and times for heat sterilization. While constantly staying abreast of the latest data, we develop new techniques to enable faster testing.

1. General microbiological testing

2. Genetic testing

3. Identifying microbes by detecting their distinctive proteins

Radioactive Substance Testing

We use rigorous control systems for checking raw material sources to guarantee the safety of ingredients used in our products. To double-check, we also use germanium semiconductor detectors and NaI radioisotope identification devices to carry out regular monitoring for radioactive substances. Furthermore, we constantly monitor information released by national and local governments to ensure we supply safe products to our customers.

1. Preparing samples

2. Placing a sample in a germanium semiconductor detector

3. Analyzing data

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